and our adventure with maine coon's cats

        Pets have always been at our home. We mostly had dogs but also many other small animals. Many of them were just a wretch of human society, but we have never had a cat before. However, in a really strange circumstances cat has finally appeared in our house. Everything has began from outwardly insignificant conversation...

        It was year 1998 when I was sitting with my friend on an exposition. A gay was boring... Because of no other entertainment we began to talk about... dogs. Suddenly my friend told that her good friend is a maine coon breeder. "Those are such a big cats" - she said. "Cats!!! Oh great, but what is so great about having a cat?" - I answered. Dog de Bordeaux... that is something... - I dreamed a little. A while later she said: "But you know... maine coon is a really BIG CAT, and You like BIG DOGS... so...". Yeeeah I like dogs but cats...? And this is how the most important conversation - about dogs, although rather about cats :) - in my life ended. Name - "Maine Coon" stuck in my mind.

        Few years has gone by. Time has come, when our dog was going to pass away. That day she went out on the rainbow bridge I asked her about someone who would take her place beside us.
        Few days later the telephone rang - it was my friend from studies. "I have something for You, come over!". As we found out, who was waiting for as was a MAINE COON!!! A lovely silver creature with furry tail and huge eyes.
        That evening, my husband walked into our home squeezing wicker basket with a cat in his hand. And so the era of cat in our home began. The little, silver maine coon take possession of our hearts. :)

        Some time later we decided to set up a cattery. We began talks with many breeders ether in our contry or outside our borders. Lastly we decided to bring a foreigner. After a long searches we brang two cats - male Hungarian Goran and female Czech Ulietta. On autumn we are going to have other new catty inmate:) Soon our young pupils will run in their first show.
        We have to admit that cats brang happines and smile to out home. When we are sitting in front of the fireplace at cold evenings, we watch them relax and while they growl we thanks fortune for such a lovely creatures.


        Cattery Aldaker is registered in a Felis Polonia/Cat Club Sopot, which pertain to the largest international organization - FIFe. In our breeding are only pure-breed of maine coon.
        We are rather small cattery, which is situated near Trójmiasto. Our adventure with maine coon cats has began in april 2001 r. In 2004 r we get a cattery surname Aldaker*Pl. Our cattery is held in home conditions. Our pupils are members of our family and accompany us in everything we do.
        All of our pupils are under constant medical supervision of the best of Gdańsk pet's hospital. There are medicals who watch their health and live. They also support us with their knowledge and experience in everything we do. Without them we wouldn't survive such moments, when our pupils were ill and had to pass away...

        We especially want to thank Danka and Ania - doctors who are always giving us helping hand at any time.



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