Imię:Escape's Flogging Molly
Kolor: f 09 22
Data urodzenia:02.10.2007 r.
Hodowca:Jaana Hiltunen
Właściciel:Jowita i Marek Rostkowscy
Numer rodowodu:(PL)
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
IC. Escape's Urban Cowboy
MCO n 09 22
EC. Witchbreeds Black Pirate
MCO n 09 22
IC. CFA CH. Kittyup's Geronimo
MCO ds 22
GC Kittyup's Texas Ranger
MCO ds 11
CH. Shubacoons Apache of Kittyup
MCO f 23
Witchbreeds Spider Woman
MCO f 09
Spooky Forest's Dread-Lock
MCO n 09
Oilily the Unicat
MCO f 23
EC. Escape's Spirit On My Mind
MCO n 22
EC. Koontucky King Arthur
MCO n 22
GC. DM. Conyham's Surfer Dude of Xtc BR>MCO n 22
Johnsbay Bristol of Koontucky
MCO f 22
EC. Love Hulen's Spirit in the Sky
MCO g 22
Love Hulen's Tam Tam
MCO n 22
Love Hulen's Cat Woman
MCO f 22
Wytopitlock Leria Kersil
MCO g 22
EC. WW'04. CFA CH. Chimera's Haze of Love
MCO a 22
Guldfakse's Tupac
MCO a 22 (a 09 22)
GIC. MtKittery's Bemis, DM
MCO a 22
Guldfakse's Belle Highwaling P.
MCO n 24
CH. Milinocket's Megg McMuffin
MCO n 22
Spitzaecker's Percy
MCO n 22
Milinocket's Kami Kaze
MCO a 22
Bonfires Bewitching Beauty
MCO f 09 23
Willowplace Warlord of Bonfires
MCO ns 23
Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace
MCO ds 22
Coberman Lakota of Willowplace
MCO ns 23
CH. Bonfires Stardust
MCO d 09 22
EC. Tenderness MC Red Devil
MCO d 09 23
CH. Lovelyness Twinkle Star
MCO f 09 22

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